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Here is what our members say

"Since I moved to Bristol 6 years ago I have never been able to replicate the type of gym I had gone to before; small, friendly and non judgmental with experienced coaches who push you past what you think you can achieve by building your strength gradually and by teaching you the right technique. That was until I found this CrossFit gym! I have been attending this gym for around three months and I can already feel myself getting stronger and wanting to push myself further each session. I have been to other CrossFit gyms before but haven’t stuck to it because the coaches didn’t know me and I felt embarrassed trying to learn around people who had been doing it for years and the coaches didn’t have time to help me with my technique. Strong Confident Kind isn’t like that, the classes are small and friendly so that the coaches can help you if you need it and they know every member by name. Everyone encourages each other and has fun! I find myself loving every session and feeling amazing afterwards. There is also no pressure to have a rolling contract and it’s much more affordable than other CrossFit gyms. I would 1000% recommend to anyone thinking of joining!"

"Although I’ve been training at gyms for many years I had never tried CrossFit until I joined SCK & now I can’t get enough! It’s amazing to train in such a supportive & friendly group, and to get expert advice from the fab team of coaches. After 6 months of training at SCK I already feel fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m really enjoying having a constantly varied & challenging workout regime. I am amazed by the progress I have made so far and I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve with SCK."

"Before I started CrossFit I had never really been to a gym before. I wanted to work on my fitness and body positivity. When I started everything was scaled down, I couldn't do a push-up and I had to do it stood up against the wall. Now I can do full push-ups and being able to see my progress has spurred me on to do better.

Weightlifting is also something I had never really considered but I surprised myself by really enjoying it and it feels amazing when I hit a personal best.

The gym at SCK is friendly and supportive. Everything is scaled to your ability but you are also pushed to do your personal best. I have found gyms in the past intimidating but at SCK there is a supportive atmosphere and the coaches are really approachable. Joining CrossFit has been a life changing experience for me and has improved my mental and physical health."

"Great little gym where I feel very comfortable as a newbie to CrossFit. Have achieved so much in a short space of time with Vaughan and Pete’s encouragement"

“I felt every coach wanted me to succeed. Progress and push me to improve each session”


“Couldn’t have asked for a more informative and helpful approach from the coaches to make me feel confident in what was being asked of me and plenty of support during the workout “

“Coaches knowledge and enthusiasm showed and has made it easy to understand the purpose of the work out and what part of the body will be targeted “

"When I attended the taster session, Vaughan demonstrated all of the key movements and exercise routines. Fair to say I coudn't walk for a week! However I stuck at it, attending regular sessions and the team have provided excellent guidance and support through my CrossFit journey so far. I look forward to every session so I can push myself further"

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