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CrossFit works! 
Is CrossFit for me?
CrossFit can be scaled for anyone. Age, ability, current fitness and experience of exercise do not limit you. Our mission is to make CF Strong Confident Kind everyone's happy place and to be the byword for inclusive fitness.

Is CrossFit expensive?
One of our goals is to deliver CrossFit that is affordable. We want anyone to experience CrossFit even if they can only make one class a week. So our athletes can work out with us for £5 per class if they can only fit in one or two sessions a week. Full memberships are available for working out every day for £60 a month, as well as everything in between! A free taster helps us to look at how you move and introduce the common CrossFit 'foundational movements'. Then you can choose a membership to suit you!

What is it?
CrossFit began as an underground exercise movement in 1996 in California. 
Today there are over 15,000 CrossFit gyms (known as 'boxes')  across the world. Each one is unique and independent but all of them share the methodolgy of CrossFit to make their box into a community of fitness which is accessible to everyone and anyone.

CrossFit is based around weightlifting, gymnastics and monostructural movements which anyone can learn and eventually master. Workouts are  universally scaleable®. This means that an Olympian can workout alongside a novice athlete, do the same workout, and get the same effect from it. We see this every day in our box. There are no barriers to who can gain strength and fitness from CrossFit. 

How does CrossFit work?
CrossFit is described as " constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity" ®. We work hard at the level which is right for us. Workouts are always different and challenge all of the body's energy systems. The level of intensity is scaled for each athlete so you always work at your own level of challenge. Movements are mixed so you may be lifting a heavy barbell one minute, before sprinting and then using gymnastics rings.

CrossFit reminds your body of how it can and should move within a safe, encouraging and empowering environment.

What can I expect from CrossFit Strong Confident Kind?
Our small box is designed to create a nurturing but simultaneously challenging community to 'forge elite fitness' ® in all our athletes.

You don't need to be fit to start CrossFit. That's our job! We will meet your fitness where you are and carry you along to a level you never believed possible. We keep our classes small so that you get plenty of attention from the coaches. Feedback and motivation is so personal that you will reach your goals repeatedly.
Your coaches will help you:

*Learn Olympic weightlifting movements safely and powerfully
*Learn how to move your body weight through increasingly complex patterns
*Develop your 'engine' and strengthen your heart and lungs
*Develop resilience and an unbreakable mindset
*Improve your mobility and functional movement
*Join a community of good people who enjoy working out together
*Become fitter that you have every been.

Our coaches are passionate about planning sessions that become addictive-and which everyone can join in on. For all of us it is a genuine privilege to help you work out!

If you are interested in exploring our community further get in touch and come along for a visit and consultation


CrossFit Exercises
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