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                   Founder of

CrossFit Strong Confident Kind 

Vaughan left working in schools after 30 years in 2017 to set up Strong Confident Kind Education. His lifetime of working out  as a multi-events athlete and rugby player; followed by time coaching rugby, sprinting, Olympic weightlifting, boxing and CrossFit have helped him to realise that finding a passion, identity and sense of belonging is something everyone can do with help. Vaughan is  a L2 Olympic Weightlifting coach and a L1 CrossFit trainer, and oversees the CrossFit SCK programming . Vaughan knows that CrossFit has the power to change lives and wants everyone to be able to have the opportunity to experience it.

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CrossFit & Weightlifting Coach

Pete has a background in outdoor activities including climbing and canoeing. He found his love of CrossFit whilst training at CrossFit Fort Ashton in Bristol. Pete is a L1 CrossFit trainer and a L1 Olympic Weightlifting coach. He has been successfully coaching Olympic Weightlifting to a range of athletes alongside his work as a youth mentor and running his own amazing woodcraft business. Pete has  been instrumental in getting CrossFit Strong Confident Kind off the ground and embodies its values. 



CrossFit and Weightlifting Coach.

BA Hons in Sports Conditioning Rehabilitation and Massage

Lily is a L1  CrossFit trainer, Olympic weightlifting coach, Level 2 Gym Instructor and Sports Masseuse. She has a First Class Honours degree in Sports Conditioning Rehabilitation and Massage. She is midway through a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy. Lily trained competitively as a Rhythmic Gymnast for many years and was British Champion in 2017. This training gave her a focus and discipline that she has carried through into her adult life. She loves CrossFit and working with the next generation and inspiring others to follow in her active career and lifestyle. Lily's sporting career has always been very varied and she takes a keen interest in how to look after the body and maintain a level of fitness required to be the top of your game.



CrossFit and  Gymnastics Coach

BA Hons in Sports Conditioning Rehabilitation and Massage

Jonah is a L1 CrossFit trainer, L2 Gymnastics coach, L2 Rugby coach and has a First Class Honours  degree in Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation. Jonah has played rugby himself for many years and trained as a competitive gymnast alongside this. He also has a MBA which has led to a career working for a large brand.  Due to Jonah's extensive experience in these roles; and his passion for CrossFit, he is also available as a consultant and can produce prehab and rehab plans for clients. He has worked as a mentor alongside his coaching and enjoys finding new ways for young people to express themselves and show determination and growth.



CrossFit and Weightlifting  Coach

 Dancer BA Hons in Theatre Dance

Daisy is a CrossFit L1 trainer, Olympic weightlifting Instructor and Personal Trainer with a Pre and Post Natal Level 3 Qualification. She is also a Pilates Instructor. Daisy is also a trained dancer and has been teaching children various styles for 5 years. She works professionally as a performer and has been Dance Captain for the Oxford Playhouse for 3 years. . She has experience working to support children with Special Educational Needs alongside teaching for large performing arts centres. Daisy is based in London and comes back to coach whenever she can. Her aim is to inspire and encourage children and young adults from every background to keep active and find movement that they love. Visit for more information.



CrossFit and Weightlifting Coach

Kaleb is a  is a CrossFit L1 Trainer and a qualified British Weightlifting Level 1 coach. He  has also completed the CrossFit Spot The Flaw, Programming and Lesson Planning courses. Kaleb has worked very successfully  with small groups, younger CrossFit athletes and 1:1 sessions. He is a very popular and respected member of our team.



CrossFit and Weightlifting Coach

L3 Personal trainer

Estelle is a CrossFit L Trainer, BWLA L1 weightlifting coach and L3 Personal trainer. She has been involved in the Fitness industry for many years and has a passion for exercise. Estelle has been a member of CrossFit GB in Bristol, and is continuing to improve her own fitness and mastery of CrossFit . Estelle and is a role model for the power of keeping strength and fitness at the heart of your lifestyle and has passed this on to her daughters who all train with us at CF Strong Confident Kind. 



      Weightlifting Consultant

Brad has been involved in Olympic Weightlifting for over 20 years. He is the British record-holder for the Snatch and has competed internationally on the toughest platforms. For many years Brad trained at the legendary Empire Club in Bristol, and continues to promote its ethos and values that ‘strong is happy’ and hard work can make anything possible. Passing on his experience and love for all things strength-related is his motivation. Brad has run our squads in a number of schools in Bristol, South Glos and BANES and produced a wealth of young people who are strong and determined. For many, weightlifting has been their vehicle for wider changes in their lives and the sense of camaraderie and encouragement they gain is second to none.


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