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inclusive and affordable crossfit to help everyone unleash their inner athlete

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Every one of us is stronger than we think.

CrossFit Strong Confident Kind opened in December 2020 as a partnership between  Strong Confident Kind Education and the Ignite Life charity in Bristol.


We use the power and community of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting to help our amazing athletes develop strength, resilience and aspirations.


All profits from the box go towards supporting young people to transition into adulthood and the first steps in their careers. So by working out with us, you are also helping them!















Becoming active and strong contributes to wider self-confidence and happiness. The journey to fitness can be an emotional and social-as well as a physical one. This is the beauty of CrossFit. Happy people, in turn, help others to find their strength.


Our box is not-for-profit and is built on inclusiveness with small group sizes and a warm welcome for everyone. You can become one of our strength athletes with no previous exercise experience; and  without committing to a big monthly fee. We offer one workout a week memberships from £5 so that anyone can enjoy the CrossFit experience.














Our coaching team is passionate about movement in all of its forms, and we have the skills and diversity to help with everyone's goals!


Athletes come in all shapes and sizes but everyone has an athlete within them!

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Contact: Vaughan 


mobile: 07505 628194

Come and visit us:

Impact Mentoring HQ

Unit 6 Bridge Road


Bristol BS15 4FW


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